Welcome to Rock Chalk Revue


The Rock Chalk Revue production is a variety show that invites Greek organizations, residence halls, scholarship halls, and other student organizations to try out and create an original musical. Student groups work all year and compete to be chosen for five slots in the show, from which one winner is selected by a panel of judges. The show is staged at the Lied Center each spring, with proceeds going to support a new local charity every three years. Since the first show in 1949, over $2.5 million has been donated to local charities. The Rock Chalk Revue Advisory Board is the behind the scenes group that makes everything happen. It is comprised of 21 members, who facilitate all the fundraising, event organization, community service, public relations, communication with advisors, contracts with partners, directing of the show, charitable contributions, and more. Overall, there are more than 250 students that participate in Rock Chalk Revue each year.

Meet the Groups

Alpha Chi Omega & Delta Tau Delta

Where Art Thou?

Welcome to the Spencer Art Museum at the University of Kansas, home to world famous works of art such as American Gothic, The Thinker, The Scream, The Starry Night, and many other marvelous paintings and sculptures. During the day the gallery is quiet as tourists and art enthusiasts from around the world admire and appreciate the art, but when night falls and the museum closes, the pieces of Art come to life! Lately there has been an electric buzz in the air as the art museum prepares to welcome its newest addition, the famous Mona Lisa! In honor of Mona Lisa’s arrival, the curator has planned its biggest art show since the Spencer Art Museum opened. Mona Lisa arrives at the gallery on the eve of the big show, where she meets the lovable, and old fashion, Annie and Arthur of American Gothic who introduce her to The Thinker, who is always thinking but never really connecting the dots, the loud and anxious Scream, and the bright and lively Stars that make up The Starry Night. Mona Lisa shares with the art gallery that she can no longer bear the constant critiques and criticisms from the snobby art critics and tourists that have come to see her every day for centuries. Soon after Mona Lisa opens up to the other pieces of art, she vanishes without a trace. Will the Gallery Gang be able to find Mona Lisa and get her back in her frame before the sun comes up and the museum opens for its big show? Or will the Spencer Art Museum’s big day be a complete failure? Find out in “Where Art Thou?” 

Chi Omega & Phi Delta Theta

O.R.E.A.D. Assemble

In the city of Larryville, the superheroes of the Official Reaction Force Exceptionally Skilled at Foiling Diabolical Plots, or more commonly referred to as “Team O.R.E.A.D”, defend their beloved citizens from villany and evil. The members of Team O.R.E.A.D include: AwesomeMan with his super strength, Velocity with her super speed, Brianiac with her super smart brain, Ice Crystal with the power to freeze, and Abrakadabra who can do really neat magic tricks! Our story takes place when a eagar but average citizen named “Guy” begins his first day as an Intern at the O.R.E.A.D headquarters. On that very same day Major Jay announces that he will be presenting the all powerful Key to the City to the members of Team O.R.E.A.D. in honor of their brave dedication and service to Larryville. Guy discovers that AwesomeMan has been plotting a secret and diabolical plan to get the Key to the City all for himself and take over Larryville. Will Guy and the rest of Team O.R.E.A.D be able to stop Awesomeman and save Larryville? Or will AwesomeMan get the key for himself and turn the great Larryville into a tyrannical “Awesome City”? Find out in “O.R.E.A.D Assemble!”

Delta Gamma & Alpha Tau Omega

If You Give A Mouse A Script

Underneath the beautiful theatres of Broadway lives a colony of mice. 6 nights a week the theatres are packed with humans who have come to watch the show, and when they leave at the end of the night, they leave behind a bounty of snacks and food which the mice rely on to survive. Over the years the mice have watched every show that has ever hit broadway, and have come to love the shows just as much as they love the food that is left behind! The mice lived happy lives watching shows and pigging out on theatre treats until one day it all stopped. Recently, For some reason, humans all of the sudden stopped putting on shows. The theatres became empty night after night, and no audience means no food. Our loveable Mice face a crisis unlike anything they have dealt with before. After a vigorous brainstorming session, the Mice decide that they will use the skills and knowledge they have learned from watching shows over the years to put on their own show in an attempt to bring back the audience, and along with it, the food! Will our ragtag team of Mice be able to put on a broadway worthy show and bring back the crowd to save the colony? Find out in “If You Give A Mouse A Script…”

Gamma Phi Beta & Sigma Nu

Happily Ever After

Throughout the course of history, there are age-old Fairy Tales that are told and retold from one generation to the next with very little change. The characters of these tall tales have lived and relived the same story over and over again each and every day for centuries. One day the famous Fiarytale characters that we have come to know and love become fed up with the stories they are bound to, and decide to leave their tales in hopes of finding a better story. Follow along with Little Red Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, and the Townspeople as they follow the Big Bad Wolf on an adventure to find the Fairy Godmother in hopes that she can grant them with the new and exciting lives that they have always dreamt of. Will our Fairytale friends find the lives they so long for? Or will they be doomed to continue to repeat the same old stories they have always lived? Find out in “Happily Ever After” 

Kappa Alpha Theta & Beta Theta Pi

Benny’s Bears

Over 100 years ago a bright and shiny heart was sewn inside of a stuffed bear and the iconic Ted E. Bear was introduced to the world as the first bear ever sold at Benny’s Bears Teddy Bear Shop. For years Ted would fly off the shelves and provide happiness, comfort, and companionship to children all around the world. As time went on Benny’s Bears routinely introduced new teddy bears with all sorts of flashy and exciting colors and accessories such as Grizz the sports bear, Paulette the Cheerleader bear, Trixie the alternative bear, and Beary, a customizable bear, who can be accessorized in any way imaginable. Over the years Ted’s sales began to plummet as children began to choose the new exciting bears instead of the classic Ted. Eventually Ted became so forgotten that Benny had no choice but to place Ted on the Clearance Rack, causing his once bright heart to finally go out. Ted was never the same since his heart went out until one day Benny’s Bears introduces the Lovie Bear. Lovie is covered in hearts and is the most kind hearted and loving bear to ever be stitched. On the same day that Lovie arrives, it is discovered that Benny’s Bears will be permanently recalling Ted. After Ted and Lovie discover a spark between them, Lovie sees something in Ted that no other bear could and becomes determined to fix Ted’s Heart and save him from being sent back to the factory. Will Lovie and the rest of the bears at Benny’s be able to fix Ted’s heart and save him? Or will Ted be taken off the shelves forever? Find out in “Benny’s Bears” 

Kappa Delta & Zeta Beta Tau
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Kappa Kappa Gamma & Phi Gamma Delta
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Pi Beta Phi & Sigma Chi
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Sigma Kappa & Sigma Phi Epsilon
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Alpha Delta Pi & Delta Delta Delta
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Advisory Board

The Rock Chalk Revue Advisory Board is the behind-the-scenes group that makes everything happen. It is comprised of 22 members, who facilitate all the fundraising, event organization, community service, public relations, communication with advisors, contracts with partners, directing of the show, charitable contributions, and much more.

Thomas Reintjes

Executive Producer

Sam Stapp

Executive Director

Garrett Parks

Executive Director

Ben Robben

Alumni Relations Director

Avery Comeau

Member at Large

TaeVheon Alcorn

Business Manager

Grace Sullivan

Dream Maker Fund Manager

Lizzy Hadley

Fundraising Manager

Emma Gossman

Community Service Director

Jack Anderson

Sales Manager

Molly Casey

Design Director

Anna Roderman

PR Coordinator

Tanner Helton

Website Manager

Sadie Putnam


Jill Branch

Theatrical Advisor

Andre Davis

Productions Manager

Sariah Hull

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

Adam Jolles

Assistant to Executive Producer

Sam Hartman

Assistant to Executive Directors

Julia Kline

Assistant to Design Coordinator

Luke Rottinghaus

Assistant to Sales Manager

MacKenzie Greckel

Social Media Director

Brief History of the Show

The philanthropic show has largely remained the same since it first premiered in 1949. 

Rock Chalk Revue is a campus-wide variety show presenting five groups of combined students from one sorority and one fraternity who have developed a production of singing, dancing, acting or all three. The participants develop their own storylines and costumes. 

Auditions for Rock Chalk Revue begin in the fall semester. The number is then cut down to five who perform three nights in a row at the Lied Center in the spring.