Welcome to Rock Chalk Revue


The Rock Chalk Revue production is a variety show that invites Greek organizations, residence halls, scholarship halls, and other student organizations to try out and create an original musical. Student groups work all year and compete to be chosen for five slots in the show, from which one winner is selected by a panel of judges. The show is staged at the Lied Center each spring, with proceeds going to support a new local charity every three years. Since the first show in 1949, over $2.5 million has been donated to local charities. The Rock Chalk Revue Advisory Board is the behind the scenes group that makes everything happen. It is comprised of 21 members, who facilitate all the fundraising, event organization, community service, public relations, communication with advisors, contracts with partners, directing of the show, charitable contributions, and more. Overall, there are more than 250 students that participate in Rock Chalk Revue each year.

Meet the Groups

Alpha Chi Omega & Delta Tau Delta - Extra Extra

Papers here! Get your papers! Today’s headline is a big one so head on down to Potter’s Post. This newsstand has it all! Need a laugh? Check out Comic’s section for the best jokes and one-liners. Miss the big game last night? Sport has you covered with the latest games, scores, and highlights. Not to mention Dear Abby’s famous relationship and life advice column.  Just watch out for the dreary updates from the Negative Nancy column. She reports on any news from natural disasters to missing pets.  All together these columns make up the riveting Potter’s Post paper.  The current owner of the stand is none other than Herald Potter. Despite the energetic columns, Old Man Potter has realized something is different at the stand.  The papers aren’t flying off of the shelves like they once were.


These struggles are a result of the hot new smartphone on the market.  Megabyte is the new girl on the block.  This novel online news source is growing in popularity and pushing Potter’s Post closer and closer to irrelevance. The columns soon realize that they are no match for Meg’s quick connection and widespread influence.  But just when things are looking grim for Potter’s Post, Meg’s WiFi connection is lost. 


Despite this breakthrough for the stand, it doesn’t quite solve the problem for Old Man Potter and the Columns.  They still need to find a way to reclaim the stand’s old popularity and keep Potter’s Post afloat. With Meg pleading for help, the newspaper stand is left with an ultimatum.  They can leave their enemy in the dust and save the paper on their own, or lend a helping hand to Meg and team up with her to supply the citizens of Newsieland with the daily scoop.  Which story will Potter’s Post choose? Find out in Extra Extra.

Chi Omega - All That Jazz

The year is 1933. Kansas City. Prohibition is raging and times are hard but, amidst all the bad, the jazz music scene is thriving. Pearl and Daisy Davenport own the city’s most popular jazz club and cabaret, The Underground. Sofia Rigatoni and Chet Calloway headline the club and inevitably fall in love after spending countless nights singing together onstage at The Underground and bonding over their passion for jazz. While they seem meant to be, there is one big problem: Sofia has been keeping her passion for singing and love for Chet a secret from her father, the powerful businessman Bobby Rigatoni. 


Bobby loves his daughter, pasta, and… that’s pretty much it. When discovers his best chef, Vinny Tortellini, sneaking out of work early each night, he decides to follow Vinny and find out where he has been sneaking off to. Once he arrives, he storms in to confront Vinny and end this funny business. However, to his surprise, Bobby finds his daughter wrapped up in the illicit scene of The Underground too! Will Bobby put aside his pride and support Sofia and her passion for jazz? Or will he give in to his feelings of anger and betrayal and shut down The Underground for good? 

Delta Gamma & Alpha Tau Omega - The Newlydeads

When Elise and Richard Johnson mysteriously wake up with no memory of leaving their house, they re-enter, greeted by unimaginable spirits. A hippie named Mary Jane, a punk rocker named Blaze, and a general, affectionately called the “Phantom Platoon,” break the news to the Johnson’s that they are in fact dead. These current residents bring to light that they have simply been living with them all along. You see, once you die in the house, you stay there. Elise, taking just a brief moment to grieve herself, is quick to jump on board and learn all there is to being a ghost. Richard, scared, but supportive of his wife, follows along.


Picking up scaring is not so easy, however. The Johnson’s are quick to have their ghastly dreams shattered when they realize their house has already been sold, and to a TV Show Host! Joan McCarthy, host of “Out with the Old, and In with the New”, accompanied by her assistant producer, Charles, has decided to buy the house in hopes to destroy and rebuild it. This doesn’t seem to bother the Johnson’s right away. Why should it? It’s not like it’s a matter of life or death if they’re already dead. But that’s just it. The General and rest of the Phantom Platoon enlighten the Johnson’s that it’s more a matter of Dead or Gone. 

If Joan is able to destroy the house without being stopped, the ghosts in the house will be changed forever. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, they turn into mindless spirits, wandering aimlessly without a home. Will these Newlydeads be able to figure out how to become the ultimate scarers in just 3 days to scare away Joan for good and save their house? Or will their plan ultimately fail, leaving themselves and their fellow ghosts with no home, and nothing left? Find out in: The Newlydeads…

Kappa Alpha Theta & Beta Theta Pi - Set in Stone

Long ago in the ancient town of mt. oread, pillagers ravaged the peaceful village, leaving them destitute. seeing their peril, medusa was chosen by the Gods to be the protector of the city. She was gifted a luscious garden at the edge of the settlement to display statues of those who crossed her, serving as a warning to other potential thieves. when Medusa was first spotted by a member of the town, she was seen as a hideous monster and was soon attacked by an angry mob. they were turned by her sheer power, yet had unwittingly created a villain, determined to seek her revenge. today, the evil snake-headed medusa is wreaking havoc upon those she once protected. As the citizens enjoy a beautiful Grecian afternoon, they are startled by the screams of a young woman running into town. She desperately tries to warn her fellow townspeople about their impending danger but is interrupted by the menacing laugh of Medusa and the hideous shrieks of her snakes. desperate and vulnerable, the people of mt. oread call to the divine Gods begging for their protection. Hearing their pleas, the bombastic Zeus, affectionate Aphrodite, and courageous Ares appear from the temple of the gods. They awaken an unlikely hero, enchanting a tributary statue of a fearless warrior from long ago. Presented with the fate of mt. oread, Statue must learn the values of being a true hero to conquer evil. Will statue become the savior of Mt.oread? or will medusa complete her diabolical plan? Find out in “set in stone.”

Pi Beta Phi & Sigma Chi - All Hands On Deck

Black Beard and his crew were the greatest pirates to sail the seven seas. They plundered more ships and gold than any other pirate crew in history….but one day, they stopped sailing. After years of searching, they were unable to find the missing piece of their map that would lead them to the greatest treasure, the legendary City of Gold! Even with their numerous successes, their name was tarnished and plagued by failing to find the lost city.


Fast forward years later, Jane, the daughter of Black Beard, is in search to find her father’s fallen crew because she has obtained the missing piece of the map and is determined to find The City of Gold. Mischievous pirate Killian, a secret admirer of the crew, uses his connections to help Jane reach Pirate Island in hopes of coming aboard the Black Beard Crew. After meeting the crew, Jane successfully convinces everyone that the clue is real and rekindles their yearning for treasure and they set sail for The City of Gold. Along the way, the crew encounters yet another obstacle, making them lose confidence in the journey again. Jane must use her new found courage to solve the crew’s shortcomings in finding The City of Gold and ensure their efforts be not in vain. She must fight to restore the Black Beard Pirate name that her father once led. 

Advisory Board

The Rock Chalk Revue Advisory Board is the behind-the-scenes group that makes everything happen. It is comprised of 21 members, who facilitate all the fundraising, event organization, community service, public relations, communication with advisors, contracts with partners, directing of the show, charitable contributions, and much more.

Thomas Reintjes

Executive Producer

Jill Branch

Executive Director

Garrett Parks

Executive Director

Ben Robben

Alumni Relations Director

Avery Comeau

Member at Large

TaeVheon Alcorn

Business Manager

Grace Sullivan

Dream Maker Fund Manager

Lizzy Hadley

Fundraising Manager

Emma Gossman

Community Service Director

Jack Anderson

Sales Manager

Molly Casey

Design Director

Anna Roderman

PR Coordinator

Tanner Helton

Website Manager

Sadie Putnam


Sam Stapp

Theatrical Advisor

Andre Davis

Productions Manager

Sariah Hull

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

MacKenzie Greckel

Social Media Director

Adam Jolles

Assistant to Executive Producer

Julia Kline

Assistant to Design Coordinator

Luke Rottinghaus

Assistant to Sales Manager

Brief History of the Show

Sixty-Seven Years ago, a business student by the name of Roy Wonder began the tradition we now call Rock Chalk Revue. Wonder was looking for a way to further exemplify the University of Kansas: a campus-wide variety show. During this time, K-State was producing a show called Y-Orpheum. Wonder used their production as inspiration for KU to do something quite similar. In 1949, Wonder was quoted in the University Daily Kansan as saying “The idea is well-established at many schools. We hope this show will be the first of many.”

In the beginning, few students joined Wonder in his enthusiasm for the show. That is until Ross Miller, the producer of K-State’s show, wrote a letter to the Kansan criticizing KU for stealing K-State’s idea. Fortunately, this caught the attention of many students at KU and sparked yet another rivalry between the two schools. What the students did not know, however, was that Miller and Wonder had concocted this plan to garner interest and support in the show.

With new, and more importantly, supportive interest from students, Wonder held a contest to name the show in 1949. Kathleen Larson won the competition for her entry “Rock Chalk Revue” and was awarded a $10 prize.

The first production of Rock Chalk Revue was held that same year in Hoch Auditorium, with an audience of close to 500 people. The tickets sold for $0.50 and proceeds were donated to the YMCA and the YWCA. The success of the first show sparked the interest of the KU campus and led to many more performances. Roy Wonder’s initial dream for a lasting tradition was finally realized. Though changes have been made in the past 67 years, the tradition of Rock Chalk Revue remains the same.

By 1959, Rock Chalk Revue reached another milestone by allowing co-ed groups to perform together. The tradition for an overall theme was started in 1964 with “Lacerated Legends.” Since then, the selection of a theme has become a standard Rock Chalk Revue tradition.

The United Way of Douglas County became the official recipient of proceeds from the show in 1991. Now, after raising over one million dollars for the United Way of Douglas County, Rock Chalk Revue has chosen House that Hawks Built, Habitat for Humanity, as this year’s recipient.

Roy Wonder had a simple vision to unite the University. His dream became a reality in 1949 and now, 72 years later, it lives on. United students in talent, philanthropy, leadership, and camaraderie, this year’s production promises to be the best show yet!